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About Prestige Group

Prestige Group is a well-known company which has produced marvels when it comes to the development of commercial and residential apartments and projects. As for the entertainment spaces, Prestige Group is equally relevant, and have been doing this for a long time. In South India, Prestige Group is especially well known for the vast number of brilliant projects that they have completed over time. The Group started in 1986, and within a few years, their property development became popular. As of the financial year 2015, the Prestige Group hit a net turnover of Rs. 3518 Crore. There are various reasons why the Prestige Group has attained so much success. Whenever a new technology that can be useful for improving the quality of a building, has come out, the Prestige Group were the first to incorporate it. Additionally, they are well known for their innovative techniques as well.

The priority of the Prestige Group is to provide the ultimate safety and comfort to the residents without compromising anything on the luxurious part of the lifestyle. Their blend of comfort and luxury is a unique trademark that has been followed and adopted by many new real estate firms. As of present, the Prestige Group has completed over 210 projects and has covered an area of 80 million square feet or so. Also, there are 53 ongoing projects being carried out currently, which are spread over an area of 54 million square feet. There are additional 35 upcoming projects, and these are estimated to take up an area of 48 million square feet. Presently, the operation of the Prestige Group is mainly focused on the development of integrated townships and commercial spaces. Some of their well-known projects include the Prestige Acropolis, Prestige Ozone, and Forum Mall.

Delivering projects by maintaining deadlines strictly without compromising on the quality and luxury is one of the unique aspects of the Prestige Group. It can be safely said that the customers of the Prestige Group apartments have a well-chosen residential or commercial space.

**Images provided are only for illustration and this page is about Prestige Group. RERA no. will be applicable once RERA will notify us with project name.

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Prestige Highline

Strategically located at Pallavaram, an emerging suburb in Chennai

The Prestige Highline is located in Pallavaram, Chennai. The locality of Pallavaram is one of the finest posh locations that are present in Chennai and has an excellent connection to all the significant parts of the city. The population is mainly cosmopolitan based, and the locality is well planned.

The project Prestige Highline of Chennai is providing one of the best mixtures of luxurious and comfortable lifestyle which is brilliantly designed and has excellent buildings and infrastructures to show for it. The residents, or the potential customers and investors, will get the opportunity to own 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments. Each of the flats of Prestige Highline will be having a private courtyard, associated with top-class flooring roof, quality lifts and elevators as well. Those who are looking to own a luxurious apartment among the natural environment and lush greenery, the Prestige Highline is a top choice. As for the people who are newcomers to the city of Chennai, or do not know much about the town and locality, this project will be an even better deal to them.

The price is affordable, and it will be hard to find a place that provides the same amount of luxury. As for the designs of the interior, the best organizations of architecture and property planners have worked in this project. The residents will not have to worry about any facilities that they want, because all of the required top-class facilities are available in each of the towers. There will be a car basement and parking for other vehicles in each of the towers, and marble fitted floors will be provided in the bases, along with courts that can be used for multiple uses. The security that will be available at Prestige Highline will also be one of the very best that the Prestige Group has to provide.

The residents will also get more than 50 basic features, along with the amenities. The standard basics, such as the power supply and water supply at all time, along with sewage treatment plants and relaxation centres, are all available. At every entrance of the project, there will be designated cabins for surveillance. The same will be provided for the exit gates too. In every wing of the apartments, the facility of intercom will be available to the residents, which is a must yet rare feature provided by high-class flats. To ensure that the security is of the highest order, each corner of the project will be under CCTV surveillance for 24x7 hours a day. Thus, the Prestige Highline project is not only providing the best in class luxury and comfort, but it is also providing the best level of security for the residents.

Location and Connectivity

The location of the Prestige Highline is at Pallavaram, Chennai. The location of the project is in a prime place, and it is almost located in a perfect place that is under proximity to the medical institutions, colleges, schools, and technological hubs. The major industrial areas, such as the Chrompet are located nearby, and it adds much value to the project land and the adjacent land as well. The MIT campus is also located very close to the Prestige Highline projects site, and the nearby Chrompet railway station provides good connectivity of the project site to the other parts of the city. The project is also very much close to the expressways and highways. Thus, the cabs, public buses and even the Volvo buses are available to the residents frequently.

Many of the IT hubs and the tech parks are located in this part of the city, and over 40 per cent of the working population of the town is involved in these centres. So, for any employee or worker of such technological centres, the Prestige Highline project provides an excellent residential place to live in. As for the investors, it is quite an excellent opportunity, as the clients who will be demanding these plots will be increasing in number in the future. The location is very much likely for its emergence as a top residential place, and many other top real estate projects will also be present in the vicinity.

The Prestige Highline project will also have a direct connection for transportation to the Kundrathur Road, Grand Southern Trunk Road, Chennai Bypass Expressway, and Outer Ring Road. All of these are some of the busiest and heavily used road in the area. The bus connectivity is also excellent here, and the residents will be able to avail the extensive bus services of both the Tambaram Bus Stand and the Pallavaram Bus Stand, that is nearby. Pallavaram also has a suburban railway station, and the residents of the Prestige Highline project will be able to use its services. Within 7 km, the Tambaram main railway station is also present. Apart from these, the Alandur Metro Station, St Thomas Mount Metro Station and International Airport Metro Station lie close. The airport is only 3 to 4 km away from the Prestige Highline project.

Real Estate Trend and Commercial Growth in Chennai

The city of Pallavaram is one of the oldest places in the city of Chennai where the Prestige Highline project is located. The area has a significant history, as the British and Mughals, both had cantonments in the area. The adjacent localities, such as Tambaram, Chitlapakkam, Chromepet, and Thiruneermalai, also attract the present real estate firms to invest in this area. With all such history and the present-day connectivity to all the essential features, the Pallavaram is one of the most demanding residential regions of the whole of Chennai. The real estate trend is pretty much upwards, and the brilliantly planned and landscaped area, along with the social features makes this locality a primary destination for the cosmopolitan population.

The multinational corporations and the IT parks have also grown in this area, which further increases the demand of the residential areas of this place. Therefore, it is not a surprise that both the commercial growth in the area and the real estate trend are moving upwards near Pallavaram. To name a few other significant projects those are being developed by the real estate firms in Pallavaram, Confident Ruby, Navin Housing Hillview Avenue, Royal Splendour Aspire, and Navin Housing Skanda are honourable mentions. Apart from the Prestige Group, well-known builders such as Mantri Group, Navin Housing, Steps Stone Group, and Olympia Group are also working on developing major projects in Pallavaram.

Property Price trend in Pallavaram

The rates of property at Pallavaram, Chennai are always on the change. For an investor looking to maximize the profit, it is essential to understand the market movement and move accordingly. The price trend is crucial, as it can help the property stakeholders to view the property prices. Similarly, with the graphs that depict the property trends of Pallavaram, the stakeholders can understand the condition of the real estate market better and act accordingly. The rates of the property at Pallavaram, Chennai has quite a big range. The property prices at Pallavaram start from a mere Rs. 8 lakh. However, if someone sees the average prices of the properties at Pallavaram, the amount stands at Rs. 70.21 lakh. The price range is very high, and one can even get properties which are worth Rs. 2.15 Crore.

The trend of property prices in Chennai are up for quite some time, and Pallavaram has shown a similar trend over the last six months as well. The prices of the properties at Pallavaram, Chennai are varying so much that it becomes tough at times to decide between the buying and selling of a property. However, over the past six months or so, the price trends of properties at Pallavaram are on the rise, and it is expected to keep rising for some time as well. At present, the total number of registered properties that are available and listed in Pallavaram amount to 584.

In summary, the prices start as low as Rs. 8 lakh, and can rise to Rs. 2.15 Crore. The average price of properties at Pallavaram is Rs. 70.21 lakh at present, which is higher as compared to Chennai, which as a property price average at Rs. 68.10 lakh. An upward trend is noticed in the property rates in both Pallavaram and Chennai.

Why should you buy a home in Prestige Headline?

Pallavaram in Chennai is one of the current hubs of the automobile industry, and realtors and residents constitute a significant part of the residents. For any of the workers or employees, there can be no better place to stay nearby than Prestige Highline, where they can live in comfort and a close distance to their workstations as well. The location of the Prestige Highline project is also in an exciting place, and the residents will get excellent connectivity all around. The Prestige Highline project can be said to be located strategically so that all-round connectivity can be attained. As already stated before, the residents will be able to find schools, colleges, financial and medical institutions at a very close distance. Additionally, transportation services are also excellent in the place.

Coming to the Prestige Highline project itself, the world-class amenities are something that no one will be able to ignore. The floor plans are also on point, and the residents will get a comfortable, luxurious, and a highly convenient place to live on. As a rule of the thumb, people always try to choose a residence which is not precisely located in the busy city, and are more towards greenery, along with useful features and excellent connectivity. This helps the residents to be able to live a healthy and clam lifestyle, such that the comfort level is maximized. At the same time, technological advancements and modern facilities are also needed, so that a luxurious lifestyle can be attained. The Prestige Highline project checks all of the mentioned highlights and provides a perfect blend of a luxurious lifestyle and a comfortable lifestyle.

Additionally, the demand for the place is on the rise. It is quite safe to say that the Prestige Highline project will be an excellent investment opportunity as well. Overall, the Prestige Highline project is an excellent place to live in Chennai, and it can almost be termed as a dream home for many.

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Prestige Highline is located to precision at Pallavaram, Chennai. The property has employed a collective approach by welcoming residents to the site at all times. Meaning, one is free to experience the amenities and floor plans for constructive purchase decisions. With 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK homes up for grabs, residents are presented with alternatives to choose from. With impeccable connectivity to the rest of the city, it is imperative that investing at Pallavaram can reap great rental returns as well. Carefully designed living spaces eventually would contribute to optimum space utilization. Invest now for a life you had imagined!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the Prestige Highline located?
The Prestige Highline project is located in Pallavaram, Chennai. It is one of the most highlighted places in Chennai with great connectivity.
2. Which Group is developing the Prestige Highline?
The Prestige Group or the Prestige Estates Project Ltd. is developing the Prestige Highline. The Prestige Group is well known for covering a vast number of projects of the best quality in South India.
3. What is the price trend in Pallavaram?
The price trend is currently on the rise over the last six months. This is because the place is the hub of many tech parks and IT sectors.
4. What is the price range of properties in Pallavaram, Chennai?
The prices of the property in Pallavaram, Chennai vary from Rs. 8 lakh to Rs. 2.15 Crore. The range is quite higher than expected.
5. What is the average price of properties in Pallavaram at present?
The average price of properties in Pallavaram is Rs. 70.21 lakh. It is much higher when compared to the average property price in Chennai.
6. Does the Prestige Highline have all the basic amenities?
The Prestige Highline project has all the basic amenities and even more. It has over 50 basic features for the residents to enjoy. The other facilities are top class and provide a unique level of luxury.
7. Is the Prestige Highline worth investing?
The Prestige Highline project is very much likely to experience a massive increase in its prices due to the enormous demand for the location in the city of Chennai. Therefore, Prestige Highline is the right investment choice.

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